Yolanda Cecilia Valásquez Herrera

Yolanda Cecilia Valásquez Herrera

Yolanda Cecilia Valásquez Herrera


    Yolanda Cecilia Valásquez Herrera


    Born in Cumaná - Sucre State, Venezuela, I lived there for 30 years until I moved to Caracas, the capital of the Republic, with the desire to continue my University Studies and learn new things.


    Graduated in HR with a master's degree in Management Sciences but I have always had a love for art in all its expressions.


    The love for painting was born in my homeland where the sea and the sky were the same blue and where the beauty of nature was everywhere.


    At first I drew in my notebooks and then it was not until I got to Caracas that I felt the need to express myself in other ways.


    With a happy, vibrant and curious spirit, it was when I began studying the arts of fire (goldsmithing and handmade jewelry) and making sketches of what my mind created. With my spirit of wanting more in the arts, I return to painting in my spare time. Here my passion for painting grew. The adventure of expressing myself through painting begins, where I obtained a second artistic way of expression myself. Wife, mother and grandmother, with a happy and dreamy spirit, I capture in a painting the essence of my being when peace surrounds me and my heart prompts me to express myself. I paint spontaneous and use the vibrations of music when creating a piece.


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