Yevhen Yekymov

Yevhen Yekymov

Yevhen Yekymov


    Yevhen Yekymov

    Born in the Urals, town of Kartaly, in the family of a teacher and a military man.

    Since childhood, i loved to draw and won all school drawing contests.

    Flowers were my passion - I loved to watch them, my favorite holidays were March 8 (International Women's Day) and teacher's day in autumn - when my mother was given a huge number of tulips, chrysanthemums and gladioli. I was sitting for hours near the bouquets and behold these creatures. I wanted them to never die. When there were no flowers, I painted them. Flowers always symbolized life to the maximum for me: refined, energetic, fragile, but striving to be realized, bright and tender. I wanted to express the delight of this combination in the drawing.


    Many friends prophesied to me the profession of an artist, but life turned out differently - from the age of 13 I became interested in programming, and at 16 I entered the Kharkov Aerospace University with a degree in enterprise management.


    Since childhood, I dreamed of inventing paints, the color of which can be changed after applying the stroke, and unsuccessful strokes can be removed. I regarded the painting as an expressive and exciting process, but watercolor and gouache did not give the right to make mistakes, and honing the technique required a transition from self-expression to something boring and lengthy.

    Only in 36 years, 2014 - thanks to the development of IT, I received the desired tools in the form of powerful programs and high-performance computers. Since my first attempts at computer graphics in childhood, the speed of processors has increased millions of times, and programs have begun to provide almost unlimited possibilities. I returned to the visual art. Now this is my hobby, but somewhere it intersects with managerial and engineering activities - I create business processes, I create polymer compositions for industry and I create visual compositions - collages, abstractions, drawings. All this helps one another and this all is me.



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