Wrap me with your heat

Wrap me with your heat

Wrap me with your heat - 20x20 po - 2018 - mixed media


Artist: Marie Lauzon


    Wrap me with your heat - 20x20 po - 2018 - mixed media


    Marie Lauzon


    It was at the age of 4 that Marie attended Dalcroze classes on the method Emile Jacque-Dalcroze in the pre-kindergarten musical; preparatory music school of UQAM. It was then that everything began for her, in the marvelous world of the arts. She did 3 years of Kodàly method; an international method of relative solmisation. She followed a year of violin with Gyslain Bard and 2 years of piano with France David. His last piano concert was on May 3, 1987 in Lachine. Afterwards, Marie followed 3 years of art classes with Françoise Miguel at Cégep Lionel-Groulx. It was love at first sight!

    An immense passion inhabited her since the very first drawn sketch and this passion was not going to diminish, on the contrary, she would not stop growing. Marie followed numerous and varied courses in art attraction, including a DEP in Computer Graphics Processes 2000, a certificate in visual arts at UQAM and etc. She worked as a graphic designer, a self-employed graphic designer, ecodesign seamstress at Tricycle in 2013.

    Passionate about entrepreneurship, she decided to build her own company. in 2013: '' Boutique Leelooart ''. She has also participated in numerous art projects such as the "Symposium on the Art of Helping", the "Bola Show" and "Women in Art". She was part of artistic associations and also of organization such as the AIIQ (Association of Illustrators and Illustrators of Quebec).

    She has exhibited internationally since 2014. She has exhibited in São Paulo, Piracicaba, Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Berlin and since 2016, she exhibited in Milan and New York. Since 2018, she is curator for an exhibition for the benefit of visual arts students.

    Today, Marie Lauzon is a multidisciplinary visual arts artist well known in her community. She is filled with an amazing and sparkling passion for the arts, Marie has this ultimate need to express the passion that drives her!



    "My signature is based on a feeling of celebration through the representation of love! '' - Leelooart


    My signature is based on a feeling of celebration by the representation of love! I have a sparkling passion with this ultimate need to express it through art. With acrylic and mixed media, I paint figuratively and abstractly.

    Listening to my inspirations and following my intuition, my works are part of an evolution. What follows from it and results from it, symbolizes feelings of the human being and his basic needs including love; the most noble and dearest feeling to my heart. We are in an era where ideas and techniques are bubbling and overlapping. I am fascinated by this diversity covering a range of human experience.

    All unique, we need to feel good and it is through art that I create in connection to bring softness and comfort. I like to travel this beautiful message around the planet to bring to all a positive energy and filled with happiness.


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