Woman faces I

Woman faces I

Woman faces I - oil on canvas - diptychon - 60 x 60 cm


Artist: Regina Thyssen


    Woman faces I - oil on canvas - diptychon - 60 x 60 cm


    Regina Thyssen


    R.T was born in Villach in 1968. From 1986- 1962, she studied fashion design at the Hetzendorf School of Fashion in Vienna. Since 1995 she has been living and working in Nötsch in the Gailtal valley. Her artistic work can only be understood in the context of he spirit oft the so-called „Nötscher Kreis“. The main focus of her painting ist the female body. The waisted outlines of fashion illustrations are transferred onto the nude female body, which results in a distinctive style. While her grandfather, Anton Mahringer, mainly painted landscapes, Regina Thyssen creates human landscapes. Her latest series of watercolours is characterized by a special quality in her range of colours and particularly by including the white paper background with its numerous blank spaces. This is deliberately reminiscent of the masterful watercolours by Anton Mahringer, without, however, giving up her individuality. In addition to the female body, Regina Thyssen has turned to new subjects lately, one of them being horse portraits. One should particularly mention the art project „Kunst und Pferd“ in which Regina Thyssen together with other artists paints on the bodies of horses and thus creates living (body)landscapes.




    120x80 cm oil on canvas - brush - spatula




    • Exhibitions in Vienna and Carinthia since 1995

    • 1989 Participation in „Kärntner Ansichten - eine andere Landesausstellung“ (Carinthian Regional Exhibition), Hüttenberg

    • 2014 „Kunst&Pferd“ (Evt .Art & Horse) with Andreas Stasta and Markus Wagenhofer2014 Exhibition in „Antoniushof“, Hermagor

    • 2015 Joint exhibition in studio „Starkstrom“, 1160 Vienna

    • 2015 „Kunst&Pferd“ with Anstreas Stasta, Pia Kober and Markus Wagenhofer

    • 2015 "Grenzgänge - Kunst im Bordell" (crossing borders - art in the brothel), 1160 Vienna

    • 2015 Joint exhibition in Medalm, Hermagor 


    Description of the artwork for the exhibition


    Regina Thyssen's paintings appear abstract at first. At second glance, however, one begins to recognize figures and landscapes. This painting was made for the exhibition "Grenzgänge - Kunst im Bordell" (crossing borders - art in the brothel). This series of paintings was dedicated to the female body and, put on exhibit in a real brothel, aims at crossing the borderlines between subject and object, lust and self-determination. This goal has led to the creation of other such colourful female nudes which expand on the canvas like landscapes. 


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