WITHIN THE ORIGIN: Acrylic on canvas 73 x 54 cm; year 2020; Selling prize: 650 euros


This painting represents that all is connected. The gods, the nature, the humanity, the music, art, love, pain, fate …. Our acts in life will be recorded. We will all die, only what we do in life will remain, our legacy, our actions. 


Artist: Francisco Pla Martos


    WITHIN THE ORIGIN: Acrylic on canvas 73 x 54 cm; year 2020


    Francisco Pla Martos


    Francisco Pla Martos was born in Madrid, he is mathematician and artist.  He is a self- taught artist who complements his training through painting workshops, ateliers and schools: Atelier Alupi, Paris, France where he was living in 2010; Painting Workshop of the Villaseñor Museum in Ciudad Real, Spain from 2017.


    He has exhibited their works at:

    • Comic and illustration fairs Manchacomic 2018 and 2019, Ciudad Real, Spain
    • Contemporary Art Exhibition on Web “Lights for the FUTURE” May – June 2020 from the prestigious Corriere dell’Arte in Torino, Italy.
    • Others places: beer-wine bar “La Pajarería”; Art store “Artem” in Ciudad Real, Spain.


    He has a very active artist life and is always in contact with artists from all over the world.

    He is very interested in geometry and perspective, as can be seen in many of his works. He works the contemporary, figurative and abstract style and is equally interested in representing fantastic atmospheres. He works the portrait in which he tries to transmit passion, life and a feeling and he makes illustrations of fictional characters as well. He works different formats: acrylic, pastel drawing, oil, watercolor, although he loves the acrylic and watercolor technique.

    He likes what is different and what we cannot stop looking at because it worries and seduces us.


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