Winter landscape

Winter landscape

Winter landscape, 35x50cm, 2005, acrylic&oil, fiber


Artist: Györgyné Savanyó - Judit Emma Szalai


    Winter landscape, 35x50cm, 2005, acrylic&oil, fiber


    Györgyné Savanyó - Judit Emma Szalai


    I am Judit Emma Szalai, Mrs. Savanyó. I and my family live in a little town of Tab in Hungaryl was born in Zamárdi in Hungary in 1956.

    I spent my childhhood in Zamárdi, next to Lake Balatonl worked as a physiotherapy associates for fourty years in Tab an now I am pensioner. I have been learning the art painting in autodidact method for ninteen years. I am regulary using several techniques: I have already painted with oil paint, acrylic paint, I have already tried the glass painting, encaustic works but I like to work with pastel crayons as well. I had several exhibitions in Hungary and Transilvania.

    For example: in Gödöllő's Royal Castle, Fehérvárcsurgó's Károlyi Castle in Hungary and Transilvania's Nagybánya Teleki Hungarian House, besides in Budapest Ombudsman's Office, in Igal cultural house, Tokaj's wine museum, Lábod cultural house, Sárszentlőrinc, Tab, Zamárdi, Zala 's village centre.

    In 2018 I could introduce myself to three art albums in my paintings.

    Exhibit Hall I. Exhibition Room II. and the New World in Old Age. All three by E-book Bookstore and Publisher.

    Since the year 2018 I have seen a work in Denmark at the European Art Museum.



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