My name is Jochen Krobath (Wildstahl), I was born in Bruck an der Mur on the 10th of January 1996.

    I would like to introduce you to my company and my different kind of handicraft. After a 3-year career as a project manager in metal construction, I combined my practical knowledge of steel with my CAD design skills and launched the brand Wildstahl. Steel art put in a nutshell.

    Canvas and pen were exchanged for sheet steel and a computer. The brush is called the mouse, colors are called vectors and pixels, the biggest secret is the shadow play that is thrown on the wall by the works. True to the motto: “We bring sheet steel to life. Elegance meets rust, chaos meets perfection and dreams meet reality”.

    Images, created for eternity, which become parallel to the solid steel component, playful wall decorations and individual pieces with precise laser cuts through their surfaces.

    Stay wild! Is the motto. Wildstahl gives its steel laser cuts with hand-finished surfaces a special “wild” touch. Each individual work of art is unique thanks to a wide variety of techniques.



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