Wild Daisies

Wild Daisies

Wild Daisies - acrylic on canvas, 2020, 90 x 90 cm


Artist: Romana Jelínková


    Wild Daisies - acrylic on canvas, 2020, 90 x 90 cm


    Romana Jelínková


    Romana was born and lives in Prague. She has been intensively involved in painting for the past 10 years. Her multifaceted work is inspired by nature, emotions, feelings, energy and its transformations. The artworks are characterized by spontaneous dynamic strokes that reflects the temperament of this artist shaped by the study of classical and Asian painting. In her artistic way to the final appearance of the painting, she is not afraid to use alternative methods of applying colours with a spatula, natural materials, cylinders and her hands. She prefers acrylic paints, which give her more freedom and the ability to make changes to the painting during the process.

    Her distinctive style is based on the use of a whole range of shades of one colour. Many of her current artworks were created using the colour dark blue. It is one of her favourite colours because, as she says: “The colour blue responds most to my visual language, and with blue I can best express my thoughts.”  In recent years she has participated in various national and international exhibitions.


    Text Bc. Natálie Woloszczukova

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