Who is she?

Who is she?

“Who is she?”

I met her one beautiful night.

She was like sparkling light.

Then suddenly she left without saying goodbye

as the secrets go away and come every day and night.




Size: 19.7 W x 27.6 H x 0.8 D in (70x50x2 cm)

Material: canvas, acrylic colors, resistant clear spray

Used palette: white, black, purple, turquoise

Year: 2020


My intuition telling me story and my brushes put them on a canvas and especially sometimes with poems, make my pictures more deep. The picture shows people mystery and beauty inside of every woman.


Artist: Veronika Slívová


    Veronika Slívová


    I create to live

    I live to create“


    Painting is like dancing on canvas.



    The most beautiful music sounds my paint brushes and I get into the faith of the dancing colors.

    It's a way where you don't need a word, it just disturbs the harmony and magic where you express yourself.

    You are the one who determinates the direction and grace, nobody else.

    You are here and now you create.

    For joy... to fulfill... love and for you.

    Who am I ?

    I am ... me ... and nobody else.

    I was born in Prague and I create abstractions since 2019.

    She was the one who found me . I wanted her so much that she appeared.

    What I feel, I experience, I give piece by piece of my essence.

    Sometimes the image comes first and then the text, sometimes the opposite.

    Ideas behind ideas consists of images like puzzles.

    Sometimes it is necessary to wait a moment till the picture finishes completely.

    Then it's time to make then realist.

    Spatulas, brushes and other tools give me pleasure in experiments that fill me with unknown energy.

    The joy of creation, craziness and the feeling that I know who I am...


    The picture is the everything of the sensations... it remains forever...

    I want to combine everything in one... forever.


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