Waterside house

Waterside house

Title:     Waterside house

Year:    2020

Tech:   Rock pigments

size:     530x455 mm


Artist: Odagawa Fumiya


    Odagawa Fumiya


    My name is Fumiya Odagawa.



    2019, July-Solo exhibition at the Gallery Binoshya

    2020, March- I graduated master of Tokyo university of the arts.


    I have a lot of group shows.



    We search for something different from other people. I see usual everyday things ,because I am an ordinary person. I don’t have a strong character nor special experience. It is a happy thing, but at the same time a problem for young people like me. Experience makes people. Imagining is painful. And it is a fact that I don’t have special experience. But I keep on drawing. I see people passing by, dark purple color of the carpet, lined up tin toys, etc.but I keep on drawing.

    My favorite artists are Munch and Doig and Bonnard and Les Nabis and Cy Twombly’s photographs.I like trip and antique,so I love Europe.Of course I went to Italy.



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