Water Flowers

Water Flowers

Titolo :           Water Flowers

Dimensioni : 100X100 cm

Tecnica :        Mixed media on canvas

Anno :            2021

Luogo :          Switzerland


Artist: Marie Es-Borrat


    Marie Es-Borrat


    Photo by Cedric Raccio


    Artist Marie Es-Borrat studied fashion and worked in the luxury industry for many years.


    In parallel, she has always painted and exhibited in Switzerland, Italy and Paris. Since 2011, her creation resembles her experience: painting, photographic art direction, illustration reminiscent of textile printing, etc..


    Her work started in 2012, Nature is part of us, talks about the link with our interiority and the relationship with our environment.


    The situation related to Covid, imposes the internalization and discovery of one's own nature, but also the desire to reconnect with the environment, and to ask the right questions.


    The artist would like to thank the "Service de la Culture du Canton du Valais in Switzerland". Thanks to his research and creation grant, this reflection is and will be possible.


    The artist lives and works in Switzerland, sells her works and responds to mandates, concerning art but also fashion.


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