Warm Afternoon Hues

Warm Afternoon Hues

Warm Afternoon Hues, 24x 24 hand stretched canvas, paint spatter technique


Artist: Carrie MeeRan


    Warm Afternoon Hues, 24x 24 hand stretched canvas, paint spatter technique


    Carrie MeeRan


    Carrie MeeRan is a Korean American visual artist and adoptee from Seattle, WA. Her abstract acrylic paintings draw dualities in human nature and our human experience. She is passionate about authentic creative expression. Showing since 2000, Stranger described her drawings as Klee-like. Carrie is a devoted wife and mother to two beautiful children. She draws and paints with a variety of mediums including acrylic, pastel & charcoal. I started spontaneously drawing after a traumatic life event when I was 19. I started showing in 2000 at Gallery 110 in Pioneer Square. I won an award of national merit called the League of Innovation for one of my early charcoal drawings, "Construct" (24x36). I had 3 solo gallery shows there, and several group shows. I have traveled extensively, lived and taught abroad in primarily Europe and Asia. I love culture and languages. I am a classically trained pianist and published poet, and was an English instructor for many years. I worked abroad in Seoul, S. Korea, teaching English before getting my masters in teaching. I am a wife and devoted mom of two children. After having children and another traumatic life event I started painting and am committed to create paintings that I love, and present the balance within us of darkness and light in this world.




    In many ways my art stems from trying to understand my life. I was adopted from Korea into a white neighborhood in Seattle. Experiences traveling and visiting museums with my mother exposed me to wonderful art from cultures around the world, opening my eyes to endless creative possibilities. Orphaned at two and adopted at three, I emerged from trauma into a world where I was different from those around me. I've constantly dealt with balancing light and darkness in my life. Art has been my means of confronting trauma and transforming it into something that brings joy.



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