Born in February 24th, 1989 in the city of Linares, Region del Maule, Chile, Eduardo Daniel Ampuero Castro is the oldest son of Leonora Castro and Luis Ampuero.

    Since he was a children, Eduardo developed an interest for drawing which it is intensified in his teenage years. Due to this, he started to appreciate the expressive language as a tool to tear the reality keeping his intimate perceptions in


    an infinite dimension. A secret window to the interior due to the close social risk of his family and loves ones.

    From here, searching of a perspective of life, he decided to fulfill his dreams. In 2008, he started to study Bachelor’s degree in Visuals Arts in the Catholic University of Temuco, Chile. He studied eight semesters but he didn’t finish it.


    Thus, like in this project, he approached the movements of Surrealism and Dadaism. This will lead him to get deep inside the aspects of the psyche, in both pulsations and the reconfiguration of the memory. The perception and assimilation of the environment in the recognition of the inner image.

    This leads him to participate in two collective expositions of the art academy: the first collective exposition of students called “Ejercicios de Taller” in 2009, which was held in Galería Municipal de Arte Plaza Anibal Pinto. The second in the Galeria de la Universidad Catolica de Temuco named “Desde el Bosque II”, in the 2011. This exposition was also a collective exposition.

    Since 2013, he has been teaching artistic disciplines in a private manner. Further, he continues studying the deepening and production of images, experimenting with different materials, facing compositions and textures and exploring the internal dimensions of the human being trough art.



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