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Viviane Fleury

Viviane Fleury


    Viviane Fleury


    Viviane Fleury is a modern abstract expresionist artist based in Nice, Côte d’Azur, France.

    Her artworks are the result of her intuitive painting sessions accompanied by music. She lets a painting happen by itself. First, an acrylic background of floating colours is created, then fine details are elaborated. Some of her paintings are finished in the first phase, but most of them undergo both phases of creation and are rich in vibrant colours and sophisticated tiny details varying from light points, bubles, floating lines, enchanting spirals to creative floral patterns.

    Every painting is a love story written in intense colours and dense details that can be read over and over again. In her paintings four nature‘s elements merge: water (through a variety of blue colours and/or the sense of underwater), the air (the motives of the sun and the sky), the earth (floral patterns) and fire (her paintings are energetic and emotional).

    For Viviane painting is an art of being herself, a way of expressing her soul and telling untold stories. Her painting sessions are her rendezvouz with herself when her soul goes dancing on canvas in all possible colours. Every painting is a mirror of her soul, a picture of her emotions at the particular point of time. She experiences looking at her paintings as standing naked in front of a mirror.

    The main sources of her inspiration come from love, nature and music. Her romantic paintings often carry passionate titles/messages: ‚everytime you touch me,‘ ‚Restless Heart,‘ ‚you are my everything‘ which are often inspired by music varying from Jazz (especially by songs of Stacey Kent, Chantal Chamberland and Halie Loren), rhythm & blues (Barry White), pop, darkpop, R&B (Dua Lipa, Sia, Camila Cabello) to Reggaeton (Maluma). The richness of the colours in her paintings reflect the light, the architecture and the nature of the Mediterranean region and is especially inspired by the exotic gardens in Monaco and Eze-village.

    Viviane Fleury is an internationally selling artist. Her paintings found home in the U.S., United Arab Emirates, Germany, U.K., Luxembourg, Finnland, the Baltic States and other countries.



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