Vision Quest

Vision Quest

Title: Vision Quest


Technique: Acrylic on canvas


Dimension: 50x73 cm


Artist: Takahiro Ueda


    Takahiro Ueda


    I began as a self-taught painting from an early age.

    I saw Picasso's paintings and learned about his view of life and death, and this impressed me by his works and ideas such as Cubism and Surrealism.

    A few years later, I worked as a graffiti artist.

    At the same time, I formed a psychedelic noise band and started musical activities.

    As tours the country, moves support from the wall to the canvas and continues to create artwork.

    I own work has always been born on the street, where I has taken a breath to live. The world I saw from one corner of the world was full of absurd laws.

    An extraordinary world created from everyday distortions. Ask the world with the power of ART.

    Sampling the metaphor of words cultivated in graffiti art, started production with the theme of

    "from reality to unreality.



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