Vengo con la sangre Roja

Vengo con la sangre Roja

Vengo con la sangre Roja


Oil on canvas 12x6 inches


Artist: Liliana Torres


    Liliana Torres


    Boston based artist, Liliana Torres, was born in Santiago de Chile in 1991. This woman showed since her beginning in life a yearning for the construction of images that would become over time a compulsion and necessity. She always rejected the catholic nature of her raising and as a teenager, she introduced herself in the punk scene of Santiago, distinctive for the political nature of a counterculture in a country scared by a dictatorship. Her impulsive character, defined by a lack of protocol and filters, took her through bizarre ways. As was expected of an untied spirit, her education is more exploration than anything else, she entered college four times: journalism, acting, design and art history. With good results, although without graduating from any institution, and after several romances with teachers throughout the years, she moved to Boston. Lili’s art dwells in the triple border between reality, perception, and dreams, developing an idea of the world characterized by the psychological and symbolic nature of it. Her first compulsion towards art production was during her stay in a psychiatric clinic:

    “My art doesn’t pretend to be beautiful, but to resignify, give sense through the pictorial image to that intangible noise.

    As a state of mind, the artist often modifies her signature.

    “There is an intuition to follow, and it is vital for the artist not to mistrust this instinct, even if it means to destroy and rebuild a part of (her)self in the process of creation”.

    Today, the whereabouts of several artworks produced between 2008 and 2019 remains unknown because stolen.



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