Venetian Fashion

Venetian Fashion

Venetian Fashion, Photoshop CC, 2020


Artist: Motoo Saito


    Venetian Fashion, Photoshop CC, 2020


    Motoo Saito

    Born in 1944, Tokyo JAPAN

    I started to do photographic activities after retirement from one of pharma companies in 2008. Since then, I have been traveling globe, mainly for the visit of the World Heritage sites to take photographs.

    My exhibition of the World Heritage photos is held once every year in Kawaguchi City Saitama prefecture JAPAN supported by Kawaguchi Municipal Medical Center.

    Recently, I vigorously work on digital fusion artworks done by the Photoshop CC.

    My digital fusion artworks were exhibited [POP-UP PANORAMAS] at Onishi gallery in New York USA in June 2016.



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