Value Study #4 Heart star

Value Study #4 Heart star



As I was considering how I wanted to talk about how I love my body, my mind wandered over time from when what has become my body was genetic material in the ovum that became my mother in my grandmother’s ovary to long after the lifespan of my body when it has become dust.  This really put me in the mood to get philosophical.  So, I put on my favourite philosophy podcasts and got to work.


This is a series of paintings investigating the essential nature of what it means to me to have a body.  There is responsibility with having a body, for the works that we create with our body in our life time, the creations of our being have a karmic trail.  That is a trail of cause and effect. What we do with our life matters unto ourselves and unto others.


I have not always loved my body maybe because I did not even understand how or why it was so important.  Sometimes what I thought was love was not love at all.  There have been times that my body has taught me how it needs to be loved.  I began to think about questions that I have thought about from time to time my whole life.  Who am I?  What am I? How do my creations serve? Why are these questions important?  A self -portrait and a value study of my hands, the work of my hands seemed to be appropriate.


Value Study #4 Heart star

Size: 24x20

Medium: Acrylic and gold leaf


This value study is quite simple. Always do your best. 

The reference image is also from a piece that I hade made in university of a cast and metal worked silver and bronze heart star, with rose quartz and peridot gemstones.  



Artist: Rebecca Light


    Rebecca Light


    Rebecca Light, BFA


    Calgary, Alberta, Canada



    Canadian Calgary based emerging artist, Rebecca Light is a multi-disciplinary fine artist, silversmith and visionary.  A graduate of the Alberta University of the Arts in jewellery and metals, she mentored under master smith and sculptor Jeff DeBoer, famous for his cat and mouse armour.  Later she studied alchemical oil painting techniques with Royal College of Art graduates David Heskin and Aloria Weaver and was recently fortunate enough to briefly study with Alex and Allyson Grey of the Cosm - Chapel of Sacred mirrors in upstate New york.


    A conversation with a divine ideal is central to Rebecca’s work.  Viewing the imagination as a doorway to a rich inner world of lessons, dreams and possibilities her challenge and inspiration is to bring meaningful messages through the veil of inner vision to share.  A passionate student of life, insatiably curious and adventurous, the desire to serve in a renaissance of sacred art is what gets her up, eager to make the coffee every morning.


    Rebecca currently resides in Calgary, Alberta.



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