Valerie Graniou-Cook

Valerie Graniou-Cook

Valerie Graniou-Cook


    Valerie Graniou-Cook


    “I paint to remember who I am and where I come from. For me, painting is all about emotions and memories of an elusive place where everything is more vibrant and softer at the same time. Dancing between abstract and figurative, I strive to bring back memories of the soul one brush stroke at a time. I believe that reality is a reflection of the inner self and I long to promote healing and transformation from within. I hope that my paintings will inspire you to delve deeper within yourself— to allow the dreamer in you to connect with your own spirit and find comfort and peace within. —


    I am an intuitive artist and painter who uses bright colors and metaphorical imagery to open a window to a world where emotion and spirit come to life. I create spiritual art that is joyful and uplifting.

    Fascinated by the process of the unconscious, I start with an abstract painting and find the connections behind the shapes and the colors. This unique and personal discovery process leads me through a new story each time, revealing something that was previously hidden. The end result is an open window into a world of beauty and spirit.


    Born in France, I moved to California in my early twenties and began a creative career as a digital artist including working at major Hollywood studios, Disney and DreamWorks. Through my professional work, continued education, and teaching at two prominent schools in Los Angeles, UCLA and Gnomon, I deepened my understanding of both visual art and communication and expanded the foundation upon which my current style is drawn from.


    In addition to my fine art, I co-founded and co-manages AvatarLabs with her husband. An award-winning, full-service digital creative agency, AvatarLabs has been in business for the past 20 years, and offers high quality, cutting edge digital marketing solutions for the entertainment industry and beyond.


    Originally self-taught, I developed a vibrant, spiritual style as I delved deep into matters of the soul with intuitive and spiritual work.


    After a long battle to regain my health, I am now a thriving cancer survivor. Having fully recovered my well-being and happiness, I have committed to a deeper focus on my art and intuitive spiritual work.


    My desire is to help people by sharing my experience and facilitating self-exploration and insight through art. I hopes that my art will facilitate your own connection within and inspire you to listen to your soul.”

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