Size: 15,7 cm x 24 cm

Watercolour on paper


Artist: Astrid Hutengs


    Astrid Hutengs




    Two years ago I decided to dedicate my life to art & illustration completely and to focus on creating my own art, which is about adjusting the reality how I perceive it with my environment and examining and questioning my surrounding how I experience it. Finally I transform my insights and impressions into my artworks as you can see them here.


    My works are inspired by music and poems, encountering people and travelling to beautiful places, and I hope you will find this poetry and beauty in my artwork. My favourite panting techniques are water colour, crayoning, cyanotyping and ink drawings. One of the main topics I'm focussing on is the diversity of the world of women's feelings. In my paintings and illustrations I figure out the representation of feelings like fear, self-doubts, self-confidence, a feeling of strength and the complete width of feelings regarding love and tenderness, and for all of them I create spaces and expressions.



    • several seminars in contemporary painting (2010 – 2017); guest student at the University of Art Braunschweig, Artist: Lars Eckert and Nejla Gür
    • workshop: “How does the world come into the picture?“ (2014); International summer academy Salzburg, Artist Amelie von Wulffen
    • seminar: “Masters and Masterpieces of the 20th century” (2014); guest student at the University of Art Braunschweig, Professor Andreas Bee
    • several workshops in illustration (2017 – 2019): University of Art Bremen, further education creative art, Illustrator Anke Bär
    • Workshop: “Cyanotype” (2017 + 2019); summer academy Goslar, Artist Nejla Gür
    • Seminars in contemporary painting (2018 until today); federal academy Wolfenbüttel, Artist Lars Eckert
    • Workshop: “Printing techniques: Etching, Dry-point, Aqua tint, Soft ground etching, Line etching” (2018/2019); University of Art in Bremen, Further education creative art, Artist: Bogdan Hoffmann



    • Exhibition „Prospects to respects“ (2015); association „culture in shepherd's courtyard” Osterwiek
    • Participation at the exhibition opening “artistic walkabout” (2012 – 2017); University of Art Braunschweig
    • Participation at the exhibition opening (2017 + 2019); summer academy Goslar
    • still to come: participation at International Contemporary Exhibition “DRESSME” (September 17th - 30th, 2020), organized by M.A.D.S. Milan.


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