Universe War and Peace

Universe War and Peace

Universe War and Peace, acrylic, 120x80cm, 2018


Artist: Mila Meier


    Universe War and Peace, acrylic, 120x80cm, 2018


    Mila Meier


    I was born in Russia during the beautiful autumn season. In 1998 I moved to Germany. Since 2014 I am severely handicapped and from that time on I started my colorful life as an artist. As of 17.10.2017 I am recognized and protected as an International Artist with my stage name as "Mila Meier". I had numerous exhibitions in different countries.
    1st diploma of the EU Art Museum Denmark for picture "Eva" The picture is in the museum. 
    2nd diploma for picture "The Hot Dream" 2 Place in USA Gallery "Artavita"

    3rd diploma now in M.A.D. MODA ARTE E DESIGN, Milano, Italia, for image "Universe War and Peace" 

    My pictures radiate positive energy and convey the desire of life, the desire to create something new. The images are like children, the world touring for the pleasure of the viewer is the goal, to inspire the people with my pictures! My painting style is original and unique - a mixture of realism and magical fantasy. I thank art lovers people different countries from all over the world, where my paintings have found their new home.


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