Universe light

Universe light

Universe light - 120x80cm - acrylic on canvas


Artist: Maru Prats


    Universe light - 120x80cm - acrylic on canvas


    Maru Prats

    Maru Prats is an avid international artist with a passionate love for life, which emanates in her artwork. In the interview of her exhibition at the United Nations in Vienna in 2016, she succinctly explained the core motivation and sense of her art: “The beauty of Life always surprizes me; painting is my way to say “Thank You”.

    Maru was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1968 and has always had a love for art. She started painting during the 1980’s and has been an enthusiastic painter since her early years. She graduated with Masters in Economy but art remains her real passion.

    Maru has lived in different European cities including Brussels, Milan and Vienna, where she has been actively immersed in the art community. Attending different ateliers and working in collaboration with other enchanting painters has further influenced her growth into the artist she is today. Maru has won several prizes in recognition of her abilities as artist. She has been invited to participate in exhibitions throughout Europe and the Middle East.

    Since 2016 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has become her new home. The beauty of the Arab desert and culture has become a great source of inspiration. Maru is a member of Synergy, a group of international artists, who work together to promote love, tolerance and unity through art.

    Maru has a wonderful family with 4 magnificent children who give her full support in her flourishing art career. When she is not working on her own art, Maru is a patient and skill-full teacher who inspires with her contagious love of creating.


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