Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences

The images presented for this exhibition are part of a series of over 100 pieces called the Goldberg Variations.    I have picked these 3 as I believe they speak to and relate to the concept of Gaia.  To me,  the simple concept of  planet Earth being a living breathing organism – not just stone, water , air.


The unifying theme – Leitmotif – is an image I created on a plexiglass plate (8”x10”) 5 years ago for a monoprint.  I use this base image/plate and combine it (layer it on top of or beneath) various materials – discarded paper, pallets as well as finished paintings , prints or drawings.  I call these pieces Digital Combines. 


My process for these Combines adheres to the following rules:

  • Every image must use/include the base image – leitmotif.
  • Every image must stand on its own as a discreet piece of art.
  • Any material used as part of the Combine must have been produce by me , as part of creating another piece of art.  I do not use found objects, photos etc as part of the process.
  • The various components are assembled and arranged much like a classical “Still Life”.
  • The final arrangement is then photographed.
  • The Photographs are then manipulated on an iPad or computer – Cropping, changing of orientation , image sizing.
  • No filters are used – the colors are kept as they were photographed and not enhanced.
  • The final image is then printed on Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Acrylic, Wood or Metal, ranging in size from 8”x10” up to 48”x48”.


The 3 Images for the Exhibit are each a Digital Combine as described above

  • Through a Glass Darkly ( reference is Strindberg)
  • Unintended Consequences
  • Remembrance


I have chosen these 3 because they share a base image I call Planet and Moon – in each there is an abstract landscape  surface –  the Earth – or Gaia.  Each also has a second sphere floating above it – a reflection of the first.


When I was choosing the pieces for the exhibition these three best represent a reflection or meditation on the state of our planet – or Gaia – today.  They also provide a premonition of the future of the planet.  The colors I used to me are all calming and pleasant – however each of the final Combines turned out to be an unsettling , tense image.. I hope that the viewer will perceive both that peacefulness in the color and the discomfort of the tension in composition. I hope that it  will lead the viewer to reflect on  all of our futures – both humans and Gaia.


Artist: Peter Anderson


    Peter Anderson


    Born 1950 – Roswell, NM USA


    Bachelor of Arts - Literature at University of Denver , Colorado, USA and University of Stockholm, Sweden.

    Masters of Business Administration – American Graduate School of International Business


    I have been an English teacher in Japan, International Banker in US and Asia.

    Co-Founder of 3 startup businesses in the apparel and technology sectors. 


    Have been practicing artist since 1980 .


    Currently live and have working studio in New London, New Hampshire, USA.

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