Torn up

Torn up

“Torn up“ (2019)

When I painted this self-portrait, my cheeks had been swollen and sore for a few days due to food allergies. My teeth were digging into my cheeks and whenever I closed my mouth I bit into them. They felt raw and painful so when I decided to paint a self portrait that day, I couldn’t paint it as if I was fine. This painting shows that I am looking past the pain and concentrating on the future, where I will reclaim my health.

Pixel dimensions: 5473 x 6961px


Artist: Kayleigh Esplin


    “Torn up“ (2019)


    Kayleigh Esplin

    Four years ago, I was studying for a HND in contemporary art practice when I suddenly became so ill I couldn’t leave my bed. Being struck down with chronic illnesses at 19 was incredibly difficult but what I learned was how invisible these illnesses really are. Sufferers are massively misjudged and unbelieved.

    Through this journey I am on, I feel it is my destiny to convert invisible illnesses to unforgettable visible artworks that show the world the struggles many others and I continuously face.



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