Toi aussi

Toi aussi

Toi aussi, 2019, 50*50cm, digital


Artist: Françoise Jetteur


    Toi aussi, 2019, 50*50cm, digital


    Françoise Jetteur

    Full career as a professor of fine arts in Helmo High School, I now draw for myself, for others.

    I exhibit since 2012 at the Libramont International Contemporary Art Fair (Belgium).

    Since then, exhibitions, individual and in groups, in galeries, museums or international exhibitions (Belgium, France, Germany, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Korea, Japan, China, Denmark)


    Formation at the Academy of Fine Arts digital art section (4 years) to improve me in new technologies that I like and that I use in parallel with other methods : drawing on paper introduced into the computer, adding personal photos, coloring, printing on different media (paper, canvas, dibon, …) possible retouching: painting, embroidery …

    The drawing remains at the base of my work.



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