Tiziana Mucchiani Farah

Tiziana Mucchiani Farah

Tiziana Mucchiani Farah


    Tiziana Mucchiani Farah

    Tiziana Mucchiani Farah’s journey starts from her hometown Como in Italy, where her formative years took in the culture and rich history of her Italian heritage. Already a polyglot, she moved away at in her early 20s in order to devote herself to language and cultural studies abroad. Tiziana thus moved from Italy to Germany where she attended linguistic studies and finally to England where she studied art and ceramics. Tiziana lived in The UK for

    12 years; most of it in London with its rich artistic and creative community. She has travelled extensively, with experience of African and Gulf cultures alongside the European more classical, formal influences. She now resides in   Switzerland,   combining   her   creative   work   with   her   family   and   bringing   up   her   daughter. When asked about her work she explains that when she creates, she feels transformed into another person which drives her creations. Tiziana experiments with her materials, weaving in her skills, travels and multicultural knowledge.  Any  one  piece  of  work  can  take  months  to  create  form  concept  to  completed  artwork. The works of Tiziana Mucchiani Farah are intriguing and yet she recognizes the value of the great simplicity of lines that allow great access to her art. That said, there is a strong and disruptive charge of femininityin the fluid and soft lines of her work. The work is characterized by a marked visual cleanliness’ that strikes us at first glance. There is a sense of spirituality.

    At the same time, the relationship with the material remains a constant, it is firmly anchored to the earthly sphere and equally deeply rooted in the soul of the artist. This component is the result of the creators origins and experiences. Like any artist who works from the heart, Tiziana struggles to break away from her work so her personality emerges in the relationship that is established in her creations. Thus, from the nucleus of the idea, often poetic, to the formal completed form itself the artists influences are embedded in her work. Tiziana has successfully exhibited in Italy, Switzerland and Qatar.

    Artistic Statement: Tiziana Mucchiani Farah

    I undertake an artistic journey via the mediums of clay or wax. Sometimes I even close my eyes and just allow my hands to make tangible what I envisage with my mind. If I make a drawing, most of the time I dont closely follow it I give myself the freedom to express my artistic vision.

    The complete, whole sphere is the starting point I then cut pieces out and add them somewhere else leaving empty spaces.  The process is repeated until the visual and tactile sensation of movement, lightness, freedom, beauty, sensuality, purity, elegance, infinity, texture, contrasts are balanced. What you see is the end of my journey!

    It is always about the movement, the shape that evolves and represents the beauty, dynamism and fleeting nature of life.


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