Tine Mynster

Tine Mynster


    Tine Mynster

    “My artworks are colorful and abstract - I prefer to paint in large sizes and I'm using the “layer on layer” method. I work with the colors and try find the perfect shade so the artwork finds its own place - I never know when that will happen, but suddenly it comes together and is done. Painting for me is like a dance or a piece of music - you can think and work as hard as you can, but it always goes it's own way. All my paintings are unique and it's not possible for me to remake it.” Tine 

    Tine Mynster is born in Denmark in 1968. She is living on a small island called Alrø with her husband and her youngest son.

    “I have been painting ever since I was a little girl - and also singing for as far as I can remember.” 


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