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Tina Corrales-Mader

Tina Corrales-Mader


    Tina Corrales-Mader




    Tina Corrales-Mader is an American artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

    She began her love of visual arts at a very young age mesmerized by Mexican folk art.

    Growing up, Tina realized that colors, shapes, music, and creativity is necessity and it must

    all be embraced in any form. Tina graduated from The Art Institute of Los Angeles with a BFA in

    Graphic Design 2005. She worked as an Illustrator and Designer

    for a Japanese American Publishing Company, Tokyopop. Tina participated

    in group art shows in Los Angeles, CA while working as a Graphic Designer.

    She eventually moved to Dusseldorf, Germany where she began to study millinery design.

    Tina founded a small bridal millinery business (Velvet Owl Bridal) in 2009 and

    participated in group art shows in Berlin as well. She returned to the US with her

    husband and young family in 2013, and has slowly been reviving her love for

    painting and visual arts. Her work is described as Figurative art with beams of

    classical techniques coupled with raw details. She uses a wide variety of mediums

    including acrylic, pen and ink, watercolors, pressed flowers, metallics, and gold leaf.

    She paints on canvas, wood panel, sheet metal, and paper.




    There truly is beauty in almost everything. It's so easy to get wrapped up

    in a busy tangle of everyday life. Stopping and simply breathing

    is not enough. Seeing, touching, and feeling your days make life

    what it should be.



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