Tim Guse

Tim Guse

Tim Guse


    Tim Guse


    Tim Onday, also known as Tim Guse, came into this world free and evolved into being a free spirited individual ever since.

    He picked up painting recently. Diving into his paintings an emotional journey is about to arise, if you are willing to see it.

    The Brilon based artist, who is known for his abstract paintings, is questioning the concept of movement and its naive awkwardness with a humorist approach to shows us our weak spots.

    Through the use of abstraction, he creates intense personal moments.

    His works almost never show the complete structure. This means that the artist can easily imagine his own interpretation without being hindered by historical reality.



    “The muse has kissed me and now live appears in abstract shapes and colors”


    17-30 .September 2020 by MADS
    Milano Fashion Week


    home sweet home

    2 Bistro / Inforo - Brilon /

       Bistro / Ratsschänke -Brilon / Bar



    Permanent exhibitions: 2020

    1 gallery / Studio 8 / gallery /Bar - Berlin


    1 vegan Café/Restaurant / Stopkas- Mönchengladbach

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