The world at my feet

The world at my feet

Name: Panel "The world at my feet"

Year: 2019

Technique: Oil on canvas

Size: 30x30 each

Information: the frame allows each painting to change position


Artist: Leonor Sousa



    Name: Panel "The world at my feet" - Year: 2019 - Technique: Oil on canvas

    Size: 30x30 each - Information: the frame allows each painting to change position



    Leonor Sousa

    Leonor de Jesus da Trindade Limas Pereira de Sousa, was born on 30th April 1961, in Vagos, Aveiro - Portugal. She finished school on the Arts’ área at Liceu Dr. Manuel Laranjeira in Espinho, the city which saw her growing up.

    Since adolescence that curiosity and intuition awakened her to the World of arts, particularly to the painting.

    The path of life offered her cognitive nuances. As she went through it, she founf allegories increasingly in conflict with her sensitive feelings. Aware of her mission, her abilities, and of the value of her life, she assumed her enormous love for art with great fidelity to herself.

    It’s through painting, in an eclectic way, inspiring herself in diversified and radically different trends, that she synthesizes and applies what she considers the best of each technique, with the most diverse materials, either oil or acrylic, transmitting her thoughts and feeling using brushes or her own hands as instruments.

    Her curriculum already has a huge amount of individual and collective exhibitions, either national or international (Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Brazil).

    In 2018 she was invited to be the Portuguese Ambassador to Denmark, with her painting "Mar Grande" which will be part of the permanent collection of the European Art Museum in Frederiksvaerk, Denmark.

    She also has a number of awards: Literarte Prize "Best of the Year 2018" in Brazil, Caravaggio International Grand Prix in Milan, Botticelli International Grand Prix in Florence, Diego Velázquez International Art Prize Barcelona, "Artist of the Year 2019 Award in Mantua, Italy, the" Gold Brush Trophy "and the title" Academic of the Nucleus of Letters and Arts in Portugal "by the Literarte Association and the Michelangelo International Prize in Rome.

    Her entire work results from a great stoicism and struggle. An unusual tribute that shares the spirit of solidarity, which feeling is to contribute to the desmystification of a more egalitarian freedom and justice throught her art, not forgetting her intrinsic female condition in parallel the most remarkable and sensitive condition, the motherhood.

    Meeting Leonor Sousa is to know the hardships that shaped her character, her personality and her fight for a more fraternal world.

    Her technique goes from the figurative to abstract, always transmiting her message. Passionated stoicism in the deep transparency of a charismatic and irreverent personality, she doesn’t refuse or limit innovation and experimentalism.


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