The universe is gay as fuck, prove me wrong

The universe is gay as fuck, prove me wrong

title : The universe is gay as fuck, prove me wrong.

year of execution: 2020

● size: 40.64cm x 50.8 cm

technical data: acrylic paint and colored pencil on canvas

techniques / other information: Semi-Representational, this piece was created using a

combination of gestural painting, frottage, granulation, and impasto techniques, to move past

abstraction towards the symbolic while maintaining the material character of the constituent

elements of the art object


Artist: Mudmouth




    Gross, nasty and libidinally driven. Repressed queerness and social malaise. Self-identified hysteric,

    born horny and preoccupied with a preoccupation on decay. A jester, a prankster, a philosophy maker. Lover,

    mother and communist brother. A being of pure libido, unpersonified. Itchy.



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