The Tiny Priests Bowed to the Great Mother!

The Tiny Priests Bowed to the Great Mother!

Title - The Tiny Priests Bowed to the Great Mother!

Year created - 2021

Size - 20 x 20

Painted on Birch Wood Frame, Mixed Media, acrylic paint, acrylic pens


Artist: Reda Rackley


    Reda Rackley


    An untrained, unruly, "Outsider Artist Crone" that began painting seven years ago after having a "big dream"!

    "There was an old woman with long white braided hair with her wrinkled hands outstretched to me! She said, “We give you these horse hairs; it is time for you to remember us!” Then she disappeared into the canyon wall. I took the horse hairs and tied them to a long cedar pole. Then all of a sudden, I was flying through the Grand Canyon and I was painting horses, ancient native peoples, clouds and strange otherworld beings on the canyon walls.

    After that dream, I began to paint never having painted before. Now, I dance with my paint brush to give voice to the invisible energies waiting to teach us humans how much we have forgotten how to co-create with the mystery, with Gaia. It is my prayer that the art that pours through me can give others the blessings they might need to fling open their own creative souls. Bonewoman

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