The Thieves of Renoir

The Thieves of Renoir - Size: 150x100cm - acrylic Painting


Artist: Helenna Jouja



    The Thieves of Renoir - Size: 150x100cm - acrylic Painting


    Helenna Jouja

    Helenna Jouja is a worldly Filipina-Canadian based in Vienna, Austria. She is intelligent (IQ 165) and tries to be fluent in English, German, Japanese, Tagalog, Spanish. She also wants to learn French and Italian. She has undergone some formal studies in pre-medicine, nursing, computer, education, business, painting, beauty and hair culture.

    Cities where some of Helenna Jouja’s paintings were shown: Vancouver, Kamloops, Manila, Krakow, New York, Zurich, Vienna, Sicilly.

    Cities where Helenna Jouja has stayed for a month to a number of years:

    Cavite, Makati, Tokyo, Gotemba, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Williams Lake, Kamloops, Vancouver, Vienna, Steiermark, Breclav, Seattle, California, Rome, Pembroke, Zadar



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