The Song

The Song

The Song Oil on linen

48 x 24 inches x .75  inches


Artist: Becca Drach


    Becca Drach


    I began painting again in 2008, and nearly the moment I picked up a brush found myself captivated by the light of my subject. The first two I did were stills, and I explored many things, landscapes, animals, but knew my true passion was   for

    figures, human form.  I think it is one of the most stunning   creations.


    I love the way colours can be found with various types of lighting on the skin, making it radiant, glowing, or possibly bathed in light and colour.  All types   of

    colours, greens, blues, reds, lavenders, orange, yellows. They can all reflect from the flesh. In many I'm striving for less representation and more interpretation. It has been a journey.


    So, when I paint, it may appear that I have a variety of works, but it is an exploration of this light and  colour.


    This would be amiss without mentioning when I began figures I was my   only

    available model, I didn't realize at that time how introspective and personal that would translate into my art.  And, that aspect continues  now.



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