The Ruler

The Ruler

The Ruler


Original art work by Lisa Gehres. Artwork comes ready to hang, certificate of the authenticity is included.



  • Dimensions incl. frame: 80 cm (W) x 100 cm (H) o Edition: original

Mixed Medium: acrylic, spray paint, glossy coating on canvas

Support and framing detail: stretched canvas, unframed, ready to hang


Year created: 2020

  • Warranty: original artwork delivered with a certificate of authenticity



“The picture is a 80x100 cm representation in acrylic on canvas by Lisa Gehres and shows a figurative representation that is typical for her. The tribal mask is the focus and is a symbol for our own personal masks which hide our true feelings and assume us in different roles . Her approach as an artist is to express human emotions and motives as a response to their social environment. She wants to make a statement, to be provocative, and to entice the viewer to think, to feel, to ask, and to be in the present. With the contrasting color scheme, the painter reveals an inherent ambivalence in people. The figurative “The Ruler” is colorful, bright and expressive and wants the viewer to look deeper through its multiple layers and completely absorb their attention.”


Artist: Lisa Gehres


    Lisa Gehres


    Lisa Gehres, Modern Artist


    Age 36, married, 2 Children







    Lisa Gehres is a Germany based contemporary artist. She was born in Saint Petersburg, Soviet Union.


    She began drawing and painting from a very early age and developed her skills with different artists in Russia, North-Africa, France, Austria and Germany.


    The artists early artworks were influenced by cubism’s and impressionistic sceneries. Affected by her cultural journey across all continents and after graduating from the private art college of Michael Tschernjaveski she continued to develop her style. At the same time, she also became inspired in New Media and later graduated from the University of Vienna in multimedia communication.


    She later ascertained a great deal of experience in imaging and multimedia, all of which have paved the path for her recent artistic endeavor. The creative skills and knowledge that she has gained from her past experience are quiet integral to her aesthetic process.


    The development, diversity and emotional depth of human personality are reflected in her paintings. In order to express the artists emotions and visions, she intensely combines color, vibrancy and shapes. Her creativity allows her to be very experimental by using everything from graffiti stencils, spray paint to newspaper collage, markers, oil, acrylic and resin.


    The artists’ works are figurative and colorful, bright and expressive, and have the power to inspire, provoke and delight.


    Lisa Gehres’ works are currently in private collections across Germany, Europe and Russia.


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