The Quilt aspect to life runs through and through Mesh!

The Quilt aspect to life runs through and through Mesh!

Titolo: The Quilt aspect to life runs through and through Mesh!

Misure: Screen size x screen size

Tecnica: Digital Photography Rose Method into Digital Painting


Artist: Amber Del Torchio


    Amber Del Torchio


    Amber Del Torchio is a masterpiece maker a creator of such a unique art that couldn't be possible without all of you. A King I know taught me that." "I taught MYSELF" "God taught me" "Love Taught Me" God is Pure Love" Thank you Mother Earth Gaia! So little queen and king it is! She has worked the last three years on a few different projects on of which was staying grounded in the origin of our making. She's on point with her utilization of color. "It plays with the eye." "The forgiveness of I" "the intensions of love" history of holographic conceptionalization utilizing automatic thought and words to aid the healing of the world by coming to a peaceful solution that can grow or rock steady, twist and turn, macro or micro, light and dark. Their is a story for everyone in the art she sells. It's trippy. It's Skippy! It's HomeGrown, its tranquilizing in a chaotic approach. its investigative in the lets talk over coffee type of way! Its full of juxaposed metophoric mediformic soulsearching strength and courage. "everything in my world is alive" "everything in my world is dead" "this is private" "this is public" this is a car" "this is a picture of a car" RESPECT responsibility loyalty honor courage and family. " Love starts!" hhhhhhhghghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhere! Alive with wonder I try and capture the same in my work! a wonder leads to a conversation and we need true communication the coming together to notice and celebrate the history culture tradition the connections and distances we have among us. B. doost. thy best and be merry! Teachers rock! Earth Rocks grow and dance a rhythm of Us so we never feel alone. HO no subs. Substitutions we learn to grow. Never ever a substitution a chance to shine a place to share a original start of an old style. An Art educator, an MultiMedia, Illustrator for the US army, a Jacqueline of many trades. I love doing art I make life art all the time except for! nope all art! My art this time wasnt about money it was about finding love and knowing its eternal flame. that as our techology and knowledge of mother earth Gaia and the universe grows we will find the intrinsical freedoms of our own journeys and how our path cross. five Key Pillars: language mastery, leadership, values-based character development, mindfulness, and life skills. 3 "any kind of tribal its life man! this art was made for the screen it was made for our spiritual healing"



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