The purple change

The purple change

The purple change. dimension: 50 x 50 cm date: 2019


Artist: An Selen


    An Selen


    An Selen (1975) is a Belgian artist from Antwerp. “I started out creating my first painting in 1999. For 12 years I worked together with international project developers worldwide. I exposed my work in Marbella, the Hamptons (NY), Courchevel, Mougins, Belgium etc. I get inspired by old things, because there's a sincere beauty in the character of it, the scrapes, the dents, that's been built up over time. Rust, a chipped wall, cracks, the beauty of the days gone by, when life was simple. Finding beauty in the aesthetic of imperfect things in existence. For me, Wabi Sabi is the authentic reconnection with the essence and …. myself, my soul. A much needed antidote to our consumption-driven world. I’m so fascinated by simplicity in all its purity. Back to basic. Creating is a never ending process of growth, exploration and an individual experience. Feeling the paste, disconnected from the thoughts about the final result, because the work slowly creates itself. I like working with paste, which I prepare myself, because I want it to be as natural as possible. The abstract work radiates purity, sobriety and simplicty. The cracks symbolize the ups and downs, the vulnerability of life. On the other side, I also love to work with mixed media and vibrant colors, which reflect the vivacity and exuberance of life. I use acrylics. To finish, I often use epoxy to protect the work, and because it makes the colours so much more vivid.

    I don’t want to be defined in just one specific art style. I want more differentiation in my art work to keep the spectators excited, but most of all, myself.

    I often like to work in phases. To make the same art again and again, knowing how it will look like in the evening, is no challenge for me. I need to explore, to experiment. I love the surprise of the outcome of my paintings.”



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