The peacock

The peacock

TITLE: The peacock
Technique: Oil Painting
Size: 60,7 x 45,3cm

Description of the work:

Peacocks have always captivated the imagination of mankind for thousands of years. A long time ago, there was an ancient belief that said that the peacock's skin was incorruptible, and it will remain without decomposing, that's how art is, art will last in time and never decomposes, because it is an evolution for humanity. This work of art reflects for me, a symbol of immortality, and immortality is only achieved with the artist's soul, it is a perfect allegory of eternal life and the immortality of the human, as an artist. As a result, I wrote a poem that goes like this: We were running after a peacock. We are running on time. Everything was like a peacock. I don't know if it was a peacock. Or it was the plumage of an oriental bird. It is showing off its plumage. Of unmatched colors. A beauty and a love. They are like a peacock. They endure and transcend for eternity. What beauty, what love, are the feathers of a peacock that fly for eternity!


Artist: Doris Judith Rosales


    Doris Judith Rosales


    “Release your authenticity and learn to be yourself. Never stop dreaming. Trust me, you won't regret it.”

    I was born thirty years ago, on January four in 1991 at San Miguel, an idealized small-town, from El Salvador, Central America. In my life, I have been very grateful, because I have growing up in a united family, and Christmas is never the same without fifty people reunited in one same home. For that reason, my family, friends and teachers, they have built my character, my personality and my spirituality, some people taught me about the challenge and the perseverance that you have to have to achieve your dreams. From other, I have learned about the strength and the courage to face the difficulties that arise in life. For me, my family is the most important pilar in my life, they are the love of my life, and they have given me the most important thing, that is selflove. When you have selflove, you can start creating, belief in your thoughts and improve the way you see your own life.

    When I finish my high school, I have a dilemma in my life, “what do you want to be?”. First, I want to be engineer as my father, but I was thinking, thinking, and I told to my parents, “I don ́t know, what I want to be, can you give me some time, please? My parents, have always been understanding and told me: “why you don ́t study another language and on the way, you discover what is what do you want to study”. I finished my course of English, and then I come back to El Salvador, I was decided I wanted to study something related with creation. So, I start study my degree of Marketing and Communications, in the moment I begun I discovered different words, that were unknown to me: “the creative process, art, storytelling, composition, design thinking, innovation, communication, storytelling, multiples intelligences, photography, adobe, marketing, culture, investigation method, logo, publicity, branding, web design, and favicon.”

    From the year 2016, I took a leap in my life to start developing myself in the business world, with my twobrothers, we started an innovation house construction project. During this time, I have been specialized as a professional in real estate agents. Since 2017, I have been working by myself, and learning self-taught in different techniques from paintings, photography, mixed media, poems, and writing, that brings me to a space where I can express myself. Thus, when I am immerse creating a piece, I feel as if my soul is playing a sonnet. The process is so satisfying because I can liberate the ideas and thoughts that are in my head. I think the process of my art it is about passion, imagination, too much effort and constancy.



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