The nuns of St-Anna

The nuns of St-Anna

Title: The nuns of St-Anna.

Format: 30 inches by 24 inches. acrylic and spray paint on Venice Canvas. Year: december 2020


Artist: Claes Frowein


    Claes Frowein


    Claes Frowein is an artist of French, Dutch and Canadian nationality.

    Born in 1988 in France, son of international artist parents and grandparents. (Marianne Caron-Frowein, Roger Caron).

    His life is very nomadic and he has had the opportunity to travel around the world multiple times, through international exhibitions and wildlife close to indigenous communities. This allowed his consciousness to open up and to project itself towards a new perspective of life.

    Claes Frowein first started in auditory art, having made his way and a name through experimental and electroacoustic compositions produced under the name Bplrxxiii.

    10 years later, not enough in music, his creative needs extend to miniature painting and sculpture.

    His creative inspiration is an accumulation of his time and his spiritual journeys, merging the earthly tradition of the Western world and the indigenous spiritual tradition, in particular thanks to the traditional Amazonian medicine (ayahuasca), of which he has been a follower since the age of 18.

    He currently resides in Quebec City and works part-time with autistic people, which is also a visual and aural inspiration.



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