The glow of satisfaction

The glow of satisfaction

“The glow of satisfaction”


Year: 2020 Acrylic on canvas 46 x 55 cm


Artist: Emelie Pettersson


    Emelie Pettersson


    Hi, I’m Emelie Pettersson. I’m a self-taught artist living in Stockholm, Sweden with my husband and children. Although I began my passion for art at a young age with doodling and crafting, discovering painting was the fuel that continued to feed the flames. I was hooked!


    Now, I find my time for painting in between caring for three kids which is quite the challenge. You can often find me up at all hours of the night just to finish that one painting that isn’t quite perfect yet. I can’t help myself.


    My colorful abstract paintings are inspired by my surroundings, friends, family, and the work of other artists. One of my strongest forms of inspiration is independent women in media and films which is reflected in my love for painting strong, powerful women.

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