The five and dime

Title: “The five and dime”


Maximum size of prints is 12 x 18 in / 30 x 45 cm (approximate cm)


The “five and dime” store or 10-cent store, among other names, which came into being in the early 20th century sold items that were mass produced, made by corporations. (Mass production being represented in the photograph by the repeated coins, and with the ‘gear’ appearance of the ridges on the dime.) Corporations took over local mom&pop stores, the small stores which were often family owned. Eventually Corporations took over America. Corporations own America. The red, white and blue on the coins symbolize the ownership of America by the corporations.


Artist: Rick Gillihan


    Title: “The five and dime”

    Maximum size of prints is 12 x 18 in / 30 x 45 cm (approximate cm)


    Rick Gillihan

     I was born in 1948 and grew up in a small town in the midwestern part of America. I attended 2 yrs of college, majoring in fine arts where I did abstract painting and discovered I was interested in sculpture. I was drafted into the Army for two years, and four years after that I went back to college for another two years. I do not have a graduate degree. After I left college in 1977 I moved to a city looking for work in the graphics industry. Over about the next three years I taught myself 35mm black and white developing and printing and how to shoot with a 4x5 camera. In 1980 I opened a small photo studio, doing largely 4x5 product photography and 35mm model composites. In around 1990 I took a job as Art Director for a company which was switching from drawing tables to Mac computers for their graphics. I worked for another company after that doing retouching in photoshop. In 1993 I began to freelance again but this time using an Apple, Mac IIci instead of a drawing table. I stopped doing photography in about 1996 and didn’t pick up a camera again until 2014. Since then I have been doing photography as a hobby. Most of what I shoot is nature, some of it abstract and some of it hopefully accurate representations of nature.



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