The day when my sky will appear

The day when my sky will appear

Pierre Dole, Le jour où mon ciel s’ouvrira, 2000

Huile sur toile

81 x 65 cm

Toile expressive aux tonalités profondes, « Le jour où mon ciel s’ouvrira » révèle des voies escarpées menant au seuil d’une forteresse intérieure. Ne forcez pas le passage pour percer le mystère qui l’habite. Contentez-vous de contempler son aspect organique et de percevoir la lumière verte qui l’illumine, tel est le chemin à prendre pour s’en approcher.


Pierre Dole, The day when my sky will appear, 2000

Oil painting on canvas

81 x 65 cm

Expressive art piece painted with deep tones," The day when my sky will appear " reveals steep paths leading to the threshold of an inner fortress. Do not force the passage to unravel the mystery that inhabits it. Just contemplate its organic aspect and perceive the green light that illuminates it, this is the best way to approach the fortress.



photo / Blaise Adilon


Artist: Pierre Dole


    The day when my sky will appear, 2000

    Oil painting on canvas

    81 x 65 cm



    Pierre Dole

    Pierre Dole is Born in 1974 in Montbrison (France). He started painting when he was a young guy at fifteen thanks to a plastic arts teacher who made him understand that art doesn’t consist of searching a style, but finding ways to express it’s inner universe. Then he decided to follow a personal way to discover his sensibility, apart from the academic courses. Gradually, his approach leads him to give sense to a pictural investigation which makes him search for each artpiece the gestual way to express the tension he feels.

    Most of his paintings show an expressive sense by the energy of the art touch and the intensity of the colours. But the ultimate objective he follows leads him to strip his technical approach to obtain some iconic and powerfull images, that sometimes emerge.

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