The Creator

The Creator

2. The Creator, oil on canvas, 36x45 cm, 2019


The power of divine, of light and creation is the central circle. It is full of human emotions, love and despair. It reaches to the moon, the symbol of magic and women. It is a face too. The circle of life and divinity leaks, perhaps intentionally. It goes two ways. To the priest, who prays, and to the artist, who creates. They both are children of the same, chasing the same light. The priest does it by denying himself life, the artist by burning herself. Who is right? There is no answer. Though the purple colour of the artist slowly takes over the blue colour of the priest.


Artist: Maria Burberry


    The Creator, oil on canvas, 36x45 cm, 2019


    Maria Burberry


    About me:

    An independent artist and graphic designer. Maria started her career as an artist 20 years ago, though after her marriage breakdown she spent many years in IT for the sake of raising her child alone. She resumed her artistic career in 2019 with the following exhibitions:


    • Parallax International Art Fair, Kensington, London, February 2020
    • Gabriel's Fine Art Galley Christmas Fair, Marylebone, December 2019
    • Parallax International Art Fair, Kensington, London, October 2019
    • Red Dot UK exhibition tour, from August 2019 - ongoing
    • Light Space Time International online gallery (two official selections and one merit award for separate international competitions of 2019)
    • Southbank Printmakers mini prints exhibition, London, April 2019


    Inspiration is everywhere. It's a line in a drawing, a chance meeting or a happy memory. Guess one can say it's people and their feelings and thoughts. Our life is full of them and they are in colour, like an artist's palette. Art is the representation of the soul of the artist. I like the quote from Marc Chagall “If 'I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.' I create from my heart.



    • Hampstead School of Arts (2018 - 2019) London
    • Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts (1997-1999) Moscow




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