The Circle & The Square

The Circle & The Square

The Circle & The Square, 2017, acrylic, epoxy on wood panel, framed, matted, 28x22 inch


The Circle and Square can be considered as diametrical, geometric shapes, but together they display the unity of balance. The Circle in the painting stands for oneness and interconnection, the Square represents stability. Two very different shapes brought together, symbolizing balance of life.  The medium used was acrylic, then followed by different layers of epoxy. This technique created a  dimensional quality to the Circle and Square.


Artist: Ken Blakemore


    The Circle & The Square, 2017, acrylic, epoxy on wood panel, framed, matted, 28x22 inch


    Ken Blakemore


    Ken Blakemore’s Art is abstract in its use of free flowing forms, in which patterns begin to emerge. The utilization of the element of color in my art,I

    feel, is the fundamental building blocks of visual perception evoking a vast emotional response for the viewer. The vast symbolism and expressiveness of color has defined my art. Color has always been center stage and a vital subject of my art. It has inspired me to explore the use of many mediums that inhabit my art, from egg tempera, acrylic, gouache, metallic and many more.

    I just as many artist have applied the color palette, to create contrast and vibrancy, to show the relationship with space and light. My intentions are similar, I create these forms by a variety of techniques. Developing ways to cover the canvas, by drawing lines in many variations, this approach creates positive and negative spaces and the arrangement of the forms emerges.



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