The beauty and the imperfection

The beauty and the imperfection

The beauty and the imperfection




80 x 90 cm (width x height)

Acrylic on Canvas


Contemporary art with cubism influence


Artist: Francesca Rottmann


    The beauty and the imperfection


    Francesca Rottmann

    Francesca Rottmann with Italian roots, born on 6th of August 1963.

    She grew up as the oldest of three daughters during the 1970s in the countryside of Eastern Switzerland. Already as a child she expressed her emotions in rebellion and later in art. Her passion for art and painting was awakened. In 1977 she therefore graduated from the School of Arts and Design in St. Gallen. Early on she was inspired by the light of Rembrandt's works of art and cubism, which still influence her style today.

    Due to the conservative family circumstances she was forced to turn away from her path as an artist for the time being. She learnt a profession in the health care sector and was later successful in the fashion industry. From 1989 she focused completely on her role as mother of her two daughters. Her love for painting lay dormant in her and was inflamed years later with full power. Today, as a mature and independent woman, she dedicates herself to her free spirit and brings the emotions she has experienced into her works.


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