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    I am Tanti Yulianty a self-taught abstract artist who hails from Bandung – A City of West Java Province in Indonesia and currently residing in Doha, Qatar. Every unique life experience helped me nurture my true artistic instincts and implanted the attributes needed to create soul-touching works of art. Year 2004 was the darkest year in my life. I lost my father who was also a painter and 2 months after his death I was hit by a Tsunami in the Maldives that nearly took my life and the life of my 40-days-old daughter. Holding on to my Baby, drowning in the ocean gasping for a breath of air I was given a second chance in life. This experience made me realized the true value of every breath I take. Ironically these life incidents rejuvenated my long-lost passion and have reconnected me with the realm of arts. I use painting as my medium of expression. I believe life is just like a puzzle that everything has a deeper meaning sooner or later.


    Without expectation I prefer to go with the flow and let my imaginations run wild.  I use acrylic paint and mix media. I enjoy playing around with different tools as it adds more range into my work. Emphasizing on being expressive and creating a solid impact with my visualizations. In this moment of trance, all the burdens and worries of the world fade away. In this world there is no right and wrong and there are no judgments – This is the place where I can be ME. Sailing through this amazing journey in the ship of intuitions, I always know exceptional wonders await me at the end.


    Every new day brings new opportunities to experience life in its purest form. I am a knowledge seeker and learner who want to explore the marvels of life and devote my energies to create something spellbinding and exceptional. I believe meditation is the art of letting the divine dictate the course of our lives. We rise when we free ourselves from the confinements of wants, desires, needs, and expectations to cherish the wonders of today. All the divine energies are working for our betterment and all we need to do is break the shackles of our mind and let our energy flow.



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