T4: 60cm x 80cm


Artist: Arnaud Verhulst


    Arnaud Verhulst


    Talented and passionate self-taught, Arnaud Verhulst participated in his first artistic competition at the age of 10 before exploring street art. However, artistic orientation will not be the professional way he will take, favouring his interest in resource management and complex engineering projects.

    Throughout these years, he did not forget his main passion: artwork painting, continuing to paint and perfecting its sensitivity and technique. Painting is an extraordinary way for him to express himself, to explore his feelings, his emotions, pushing further the limits of his art.

    Encouraged and acclaimed by the community and his peers, he decided to become a professional artist-author. On this occasion, he quickly obtained his quotation and improved his skills in community management in order to be as close as possible to his community on the socials networks and be able to broaden his visibility to those who love art. Thus, over the past six months, thanks to the enthusiasm generated by his authentic art and atypically striking, mixing figurative, abstract and realism and colours, he has sold more than 30 pieces of art.

    His growing notoriety also allows him to place many works in the tops of popularity on socials networks, to exhibit on the occasion of Fashion Week and to be also popular by contemporary art fairs and art galleries.

    Concerned to make art accessible to as many people as possible, he does not hesitate to organize and plan free exhibitions in towns and villages to promote access to the culture. Similarly, Arnaud does not hesitate to donate certain works for causes and regularly organizes competitions on the social networks.


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