Sushi 80x120 cm Technique Paper

Artist: Yanina De Martino


    Sushi 80x120 cm Technique Paper


    Yanina De Martino


    Yanina de Martino is a restlessly versatile artist who has been evolving and enriching her work through an untiring search within herself.
    The artist introduces us to the world of abstract art in a very unusual and original way. Her great creative impetus has led her to explore the use of different textures. Yanina’s own style shows in the fusion of classic materials with objects of everyday life.
    Moreover, her strikingly unusual but harmonious mix of vivid and sculptural work not only shows the richness of the elements used but also how they relate and merge into a whole. With this, the artist manages to break through the barrier of abstract art with an exquisite handling of textures achieving with this true contemporary art.

    Exposiciones internacionales


    • Affordable Art Fair en Amsterdan

    • Casa de Portugal en Sao Paulo Brasil

    • Ja dite Galería en New York

    • Affordable Art Fair New York

    • Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong Mayo

    • ArteExpo en New York


    • Art Shopping Carrousel del Louvre

    • Consulado de Argentina en Barcelona

    • Roma

    • Paris

    • WNY

    • Estocolmo

    • Asia Hong Kong

    • Estocolmo

    • New York

    • Bulgaria


    • GoyArt en Barcelona

    • GoyArt Art Salon en New York

    • GoyArt Spagna en Roma

    • Ulma Carisa Galería de Arte en Madrid

    • Affordable Art Fair New York

    • Art on Paper New York


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