Sunday 26, 3 PM. Jane and Paul

Sunday 26, 3 PM. Jane and Paul

nerosunero’s works are like snapshots of everyday life’s moments represented through the mediums of both Digital Painting and New Mixed Media (mixing digital & traditional painting with photography and free hand drawing). They might appear like meaningless moments, and the artist is far from attaching to them any more meaning that the one each us can see in them. The choice of the moment itself and the choice of depicting or not the background are artistic and aesthetic choices, while still unconscious and instinctive.

The couple depicted here captured the artist’s attention. Like a game we all do, the mind wonders imagining strangers’ lives, relationships, feelings. Are they like us? Do they have better or worse lives and possibilities, we ask ourselves, while unexpectedly pondering also about our own lives.

What has drawn the artist to them and not another couple? Colours, proportions, light, composition. The artist communicates and reads via an aesthetic language which does not require being translated into words or codes. His connection with a subtler reality allows him to capture the moment, so that the representation of that moment, crystallized through the artistic medium, speaks to all of us. And because there are no explanation, no words, the image speaks to each of us with a unique voice, specific, personal, and universal at the same time. As the artist puts it: “the image seems already to have everything you need within it.” Like a mirror, we look at nerosunero’s work and we can see a reflection of the world and of ourselves.


Artist: nerosunero



    Sunday 26, 3 PM. Jane and Paul

    Digital painting on paper on dibond

    110x170cm (2 panels 110x85cm each)





    Mario Sughi aka nerosunero (b. 1961, Cesena Italy), painter and illustrator, lives and works in Dublin.

    His father was the artist Alberto Sughi and it was in his studio under his guidance that Mario started painting and drawing. Towards the end of the seventies in Rome he published his first cartoons and illustrations for Il Male and Zut, two popular satirical magazines of the time.

    In 1986 he graduated from La Sapienza University with a degree in Art and History. Three years later he moved to Dublin where in 1995 he completed a PhD in Medieval History at Trinity College. In 1996 in Queen’s University, Belfast he prepared for the Irish Manuscripts Commission an edition of a Latin medieval text.

    On his return to Dublin, he went back to his original occupation, working as an illustrator for a commercial company of archaeologists. It was during this time that he started to use digital techniques for his drawing. In 2007 he turned to producing his own art and illustration on a full-time basis.

    In that year he had his first group exhibition in Dublin at the Loft Gallery in Lombard Street, followed by his first solo exhibitions, at the Green Room, in Manchester in 2010, and then at the Exchange Gallery in Temple Bar and The Complex Studios in Smithfield Square, in Dublin in 2011.

    His reputation has grown quickly and his work now features in both public and private collections, including the Municipal Gallery of Waterford, the Contemporary Art Museum of Cassino (CAMUSAC), and the Absolute Art Collection. In 2011 he showed at the Italian Cultural Institute of Dublin as part of the 54th Venice Biennale. His works have been presented in solo exhibitions in different venues in Waterford (2012), Rome (2012), Vicenza (2013), Mannheim (2014 & 2015), Aberdeen (2016), Turin (2016) Athlone (2017), Drogheda (2017), Rome (2018), Forli’ (2020).

    His work has also been installed at Dublin Airport (2011), nhow Hotel (Milan 2013), Grosby Park (Dublin 2015), and Raheny Public Library (Dublin 2016), presented at the eighth Annual Exhibitions at the RHA in Dublin. nerosunero also designed the covers for the latest novels by Sally Rooney (Normal People), Domenico Starnone (Confidenza) and David Nicholls (One Day and Sweet Sorrow), for the Italian editions published by Einaudi and Neri Pozza.


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