Strict music of mountains

Strict music of mountains

Title: Strict music of mountains

Year of execution: 2020

Size: 40x60 cm

Technical data: Grounded fiberboard

Additional info: Reminiscences of Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi


Artist: Marina Epova


    Marina Epova


    I was born and live in Novosibirsk, Russia. I graduated from Novosibirsk State University where specialized in Linguistics. Quite some time I worked in the sphere of education as a teacher of English, and then – as a translator. I’ve always had a desire to paint, but this desire didn’t actualize until 2009, when I started taking private lessons in painting. I’ve always admired impressionists. I was thrilled with their non-attachment to details, as well as with amazing light which filled all their pictures. So, I knew what I wanted from my own artworks. I wanted the same freedom: the same light, the same non-attachment to details and the same spontaneity. Not that easy purpose to attain, still, I’ve chosen this way and follow it by trial and error.

    I’m working with a palette knife, which gives me the freedom I dream of.

    Nature is that which gives me lots of inspiration. Whether I see landscapes in real life, or on photographs, - they evoke deep feelings in my heart. Just looking at a photo, I can experience a lot of feelings – hidden deeply within and staying beyond words. When I start painting, my imagination does all the work itself.

    Living in megapolises, working hard to earn their living and being struck by lots of negative emotions, people often forget about the beauty they are surrounded with. I really wish my artworks could help them see this beauty again.



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